The Heimlichkeit of the Home

Fotogalleri Vasli Souza, Oslo
17th March - 2nd May 2021

In a living room, four people look on the two-dimensional diamond-shaped fragments from the images of themselves, each other and them together.

The physical possibility of the home space is about to be compressed into the potential of a new flat imagery, dictated by idealization. At this moment, a tiny snake from the Sahara enlaces itself around one of the legs of the bed. It tells the boy tenderly that it will try to reveal all the mysteries
---all the mysteries that lie in the space between the so-called true selves and the shaped ideal images.

In this in-between, all the entangled states of being have lost their names and no longer desire to be reached. But they still wish to be looked at, as states of becoming, for a long or a short duration, in which the odyssey to attain the original desire, becomes something desirable.

Documentation: KUNSTDOK/Istvan Virag