I saw part of the star, squinting. My eyelid was a frame.
I saw part of the star through a window. The window was a frame.
Should have never seen the full star.
I see everything. The star is a frame.

A careless wondering, lassitude during the day, Almond Blossoms for celebrating new birth… Endless happiness does not necessarily mean the happiness that will never end, but the happiness that people wish it would never end.
It is about those small reunions of the person and the happiness during now and later.
I hope I do have some passionate stories in my life so far. Or at least, I can create one for myself. After the story vanishes, there will be something left.
Those left-over becomes a bridge going to nowhere, which seems futile to result, but fruitful to memory.
A small reunion is never a huge event that repeats the former moment or story. It is a personal experience awakened by ember and memory.

The silk is a temporary residence,
the bottles are a temporary residence,
the water,
the sky,
the star and the body
are all temporary residences.